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Going on vacation is good. Leaving with a good book is better. Leaving with a novel whose plot takes place where you leave, that’s great. United States, Italy, France, England, Indonesia, Australia … We have listed the books you should take in your bag according to your summer destination.

Explorer les Etats-Unis avec “La Vérité sur l’affaire Harry Quebert”.

670 pages of intrigue. From New York to New Hampshire, Marcus Godman, a young writer lacking inspiration, leads the investigation to save his mentor, Harry Quebert, from the clutches of the police. A truly exciting book, perfect for a vacation in the Northeastern United States.

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Un weekend in Normandie with “N’oublier jamais”

Yport and its cliffs. Cliffs that will make Jamal, a disabled athlete lose his mind. While leaving for his jogging on the Normandy coast, the man comes face to face with a stranger. Moments later, the young woman’s body lies at the foot of the mountain, and everything seems to blame Jamal. A book to read on the edge (but not too much) of the Norman reliefs.

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“L’amie prodigieuse” pour se balader dans les rues de Naples

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L’Italie des années cinquante, une amitié, deux destins. Ce livre retrace l’histoire de Lila et d’Elena, dans un quartier pauvre de Naples. Deux fillettes qui tentent de choisir la tournure de leur vie dans un univers sombre, teinté à la fois de violence et de tendresse. Une lecture à dévorer entre deux pizzas.

Direction la campagne anglaise avec “La quiche fatale”. 

Agatha Raisin is a bit like today’s Miss Marple. The fifty-something decides to leave London to enjoy an early retirement in the village of the Costwolds. But everything changes when a person poisons himself with a part of his so-called “homemade” quiche … To read at the foot of the English hills with a “cup of tea”, of course.

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“Mange, Prie, Aime”, pour un tour du monde initiatique

Difficult divorce, chaotic romantic relationship, depression. At 30, Elizabeth, says Liz, decides to give up everything and discover the world through three destinations: Italy and its dolce vita, India and its spiritual rigor, and Indonesia and its balance. A good opportunity to take stock of yourself, while having your toes fan-shaped at the water’s edge.

Parcourir l’Australie avec “La dernière valse de Mathilda”

It all began in 1923 in the lands of Churinga, when young Mathilda lost her mother. 50 years later, Jenny, a painter, inherits the estate where the little girl lived. She finds Mathilda’s diary, which she begins to read. All the ingredients for the ideal novel are there: adventure, intrigue, love, all sprinkled with a very appreciable historical aspect. To take on your road trip in Oceania.

This post is also available in: Français (French) English